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Natural ingredients to create premium content from carefully selected sources.

South African Fynbos

Fresh Citrus Flavours


Fresh Spring Water

What we stand for:

Natural Ingredients

We are uncompromising when it comes to natural content.  We believe that you can taste the quality of the raw ingredients in your finished drink.  Using high quality ingredients are the foundation from which we build all our drinks.

Only serving the best

We are of the firm belief that when you give someone a drink it can only be the best!  It must be of the quality that we will endorse ourselves and market as our own brand.  If we do not believe this much in the project we will not take it on.

Proudly South African

We are a local business built from the ground up – what started in our kitchen has led us to where we are today. Our success is in no small part due to the support we received from our community and therefore we love to give back by purchasing our raw ingredients and dry goods from local companies whenever possible!

When Our Creative Juices Flow, You Get: