About Us

Two Green Lemons are Specialist Beverage Developers.

We assist prospective beverage entrepreneurs with the process of creating a unique, premium and marketable beverage.  Our expertise are focussed on non-alcoholic beverages as well as the non-alcoholic elements of various Ready-To-Drink alcohol mixes.  Our drink designs are modern, trendy and all but one dimensional.  We taste our way through every innovation, and take the guess-work out of sophisticated sipping for our clientele.  From premier non-alcoholic temperances and mixers, to plant-based tinctures for the discerning drinker, we aim to bring something original to the table.

​We bring the energy to any drink idea and mix it into something special.  Set up a meeting with us and let’s start stirring.

​See you soon!

Hanneli van der Merwe and Chris Wium